Aoife Armengarde

Famous Rogue Trader


Myths and Deeds

One of the oldest stories about Aoife is from her wild youth and illustrates her appeal to the lower classes of imperial society. In attendance at a lavish gala hosted by the Machenko Dynasty she witnessed a “spurring.” Underhivers were injected with the drug spur and forced to perform in elaborate plays. The lucky ones were simply mocked and had no adverse reactions to the drug, there were very few lucky ones. Upon seeing the spectacle she immediately challenged the host to a duel. By all accounts the duel was to the first wound, which was inflicted when Aoife chopped off the hand of her opponent. This is considered the likely origin of the massive warlike feud currently going on between the Armengarde Dynasty and the Machenko Dynasty.

It is well known that before inheriting her warrant of trade Aoife refused an arranged marriage and had a child later in life. Rumors abound as to the secret father of the child, Igraine. The most popular rumours are that the father is a member of her crew or that the child came from a short but romantic encounter with a Commander in the Imperial Navy. The stories that scare her enemies however are the ones that claim the father was a full-fledged Inquisitor.

One legend that is certainly fact is that she won a duel against a lieutenant of the Eldar Corsair Ulthyr Ellarion. The evidence being she very openly wears a powerful eldar power sword as a trophy from the duel.

If all the tales are to be believed she once even took down two ork kill kroozers in order to lay claim to a space hulk.

Aoife Armengarde

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