Aspyce Chorda

A famous Rogue Trader


Myths and Deeds

Aspyce was one of very many children, both legitimate and illegitimate. Though the story is she was always the cruellest of the lot. To address this her parents got her a commission in the navy as soon as possible.

In the navy Aspyce’s ruthless efficiency and lack of consideration for her subordinates got her promoted quickly to Lord-Captain. She was given a ship and stationed on the edge of the Cauldron. Navy records show her relentlessly pursuing pirates and other dangerous prizes, especially when she first arrived. But stories in the expanse claim that she quickly started an extortion racket, and would turn over merchantmen to pirate gangs if they refused to pay.

When rumors broke out concerning her rival heirs accusing them of heresy, it was Aspyce who was charged with hunting them down. Some claim that when she found them they were given the choice to renounce their claims on the warrant and be put in cyrochambers or be put to death. She did find all of them.

Other Rumors are that despite the numerous numbers of mistresses her father kept, after Aspyce claimed the warrant of trade, none of these mistresses or children could be found alive.

The Chorda Dynasty has become one of the wealthiest in the expanse since Aspyce has taken over and she certainly has one of the largest fleets in the expanse. According to the Calixian sector’s Divisio Auditae of the Administratum, most of this wealth still originates from the Calixian sector. These legitimate businesses are mostly comprised of the arms industry and in the buying, selling, and transporting luxury items. However, less official sources claim that the bulk of her income is coming from less legitimate sources. Primarily the Cold Trade, where it is often said she employs an army of scribes and adepts to locate sites that will turn up valuable alien discoveries.

Aspyce Chorda

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